Eurobank SA, Othonos 8 St., 10557 Athens, GCR 0002296701000, VAT 996866969, Athens Corporation Tax Office (hereinafter referred to as «Company»), provides through the present website (hereinafter referred to as “Site”) to the Visitors of the Site (hereinafter referred to as “Visitors”) the opportunity to get informed about the Company’s action as well as about the services offered by the Company.

The Visitors should read carefully the present terms (hereinafter referred to as “Terms”) before using the Site. 

1. Effect of the Terms

The Terms govern the use of the Site by the Visitors and the Visitors are requested to read them carefully. By using the Site the Visitors are deemed to have unconditionally and fully accepted the Terms. In case the Visitors disagree with the Terms and do not wish to be bound by the Terms, they must not make any further use of the Site.  

2. Amendments

The Company is entitled to amend the Terms at any time it deems it necessary. Any amendments thereof shall come in force and effect from the instance they appear online at the Site. The use of the Site after the aforementioned appearance online of the amended Terms shall be deemed to constitute an acceptance of the amended Terms by the Visitor.

3. Access to the Site - Visitor’s obligations/liability

The Visitor shall use the Site only for lawful purposes in accordance with the rules and provisions of the Greek, European and International law, the legislation governing the telecommunications and the guidelines of the Company available from time to time on the Site. The Visitor uses the Site on his/her own initiative, using his/her own equipment and software and the Visitor is responsible for protecting his/her system against viruses and other malicious software. The Visitor should refrain from any conduct that limits or hinders the use of the Site by third parties, that overloads or undermines the Company’s systems that leads to the breakdown, impairment, malfunction of the Company’s systems and from any other illegal, abusive and unfair practices while using the Company’s systems. The Visitor is liable for any damage suffered by the Company due to his acts or omissions that constitute a violation of his/her obligations contained herein, including cases where the Company is involved in any litigation or is required to pay any fines or any type of compensation to third parties as a result of the Visitor violating his/her obligations contained herein. 

4. Limitation of Bank’s Liability

The Site is provided to the Visitors “as is” without any further guarantees as to its functionality and content, whereas the use of the Site is conducted solely at the responsibility of the Visitors. Despite the fact that the Company makes every possible effort, the Company does not guarantee the correctness, the completeness, the timeliness, the accuracy, the clarity, the adequacy, the validity, the availability and the uninterrupted transmission of the information and of the content of the Site. Under no circumstances, including negligence, shall the Company be liable for any damage caused to the Visitor by reason or as a result of the use of the Site and the information included herein. 

The aforementioned information as well as any other information provided through the Site  do not reflect the opinions or positions of the Company, do not constitute a direct or indirect recommendation/solicitation or advice for conducting an investment or any other act having a financial impact, do not constitute an offer or an invitation to offer, do not constitute a proposal or acceptance of a proposal to conclude any kind of contract or transaction with the Company or any other third party. The Visitor shall use his/her discretion to evaluate and assess the provided information and shall act on his/her own will, without any responsibility from the part of the  Company for any damage caused to the Visitor arising from the use of the information provided via the Site.  

The Company has taken all necessary measures, as imposed by the market practices, to ensure the high level security and protection only of its own systems. The Company updates its security systems and has antivirus programs. Notwithstanding the above, the  Company does not warrant that the Site is free from viruses and in no event shall the  Company be liable for any damage caused to the Visitor’s equipment, software, files as well as for any other damage incurred to the Visitor due to viruses or other malicious software. 

5. Industrial and Intellectual/Copyright Property Rights 

The trade name, the trademark and the rest distinctive features as well as the entire content of the Site, with the exception of protected third party rights,  including indicatively but without limitation texts, graphics, photos/images, videos, news, articles, information, data, charts, illustrations, names/titles and descriptions of products-services, interface, presentation and structure of the content, software are subject to exclusive intellectual/copyright and industrial property rights of the Company protected under the Greek, the European Union and international intellectual (copyright and industrial) property laws. The Visitors may only print, copy or store limited parts of the aforesaid content of the Site, provided that they cite the source of origin, solely for their personal use, any commercial or other use of exploitation being prohibited. It is clearly stated that the aforementioned shall under no circumstances be construed as an assignment or transfer of the Company’s intellectual/copyright rights to the Visitors in any manner whatsoever. Accordingly none of the content of the Site may indicatively but not limited be copied, reproduced, deleted, republished, sold, transmitted, distributed, executed, published, downloaded, translated, modified and exploited in part or in any manner whatsoever, without the prior express written consent of the Company.

The protection of any other trademarks, distinctive features and intellectual/copyright property belonging to third parties displayed on the Site fall within their own area of responsibility.

6. Links to third party websites
The Site may contain hyperlinks (links, hyperlinks, banners) to websites owned by third parties and, therefore, these websites and their content do not lie under the administration  of the Company. For this reason the Company does not assume any responsibility for these websites and their content and does not provide any guarantees or inducement or endorsement to the Visitors about them. The hyperlinks are provided solely as a convenience to the Visitors and the third party websites have their own terms of use. For any queries or other issues about or in relation to the use of these third party websites, the Visitors have to address the administrators of these websites and not the Company.  

7.  Governing law - Other Provisions
The Terms are governed by the provisions of Greek law.
The Courts of Athens are competent to interpret the Terms and to settle any dispute arising from or in relation to the Terms. 
Should any of the Terms be declared void or voidable, the remaining Terms shall not be affected and shall remain in full force and will be applied in their full effect.
The Terms have been initially drafted in Greek and have then been translated in English. The authentic version of the Terms is in Greek.  In the event of any conflict between the English and the Greek version of the Terms, the Greek version shall prevail.